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PsychPrep will teach you the critical thinking skills you need to pass the EPPP with confidence.
While a solid foundation of content knowledge is essential, it is not sufficient for passing the EPPP. 

Learn about PsychPrep’s four strategies for EPPP success!


Test Questions Effectively

At PsychPrep, we recommend a 3-step approach to every EPPP test question and emphasize sharpening critical thinking. We highlight additional test-taking tips and the value of a growth mindset. To learn more about this effective approach in detail, sample our content.


Study Efficiently

Passing is not necessarily dependent on the amount of hours you spend studying. It's crucial to study efficiently by prioritizing taking test questions and identifying content gaps. Content mastery requires a focus on subtle distinctions between related concepts.


Prepare Properly

The goal is to test confidently and pass. To prepare properly we suggest you work with an email feedback consultant, follow PsychPrep’s structured study plan, review tests as recommended, track your progress, and test when you are ready.

Manage Anxiety

For many psychologists, the EPPP evokes significant anxiety. PsychPrep includes strategies for managing anxiety in our 7-hour live (virtual) EPPP Strategies Seminar and EPPP Sample Package.

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