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The PsychPrep Advantage


PsychPrep's proven test-taking strategies will improve your critical thinking skills and become the foundation of your test preparation.

PsychPrep provides a clear study plan and weekly guidelines. We provide target scores for each test and help you create an action plan if test targets are not met.


All core content you need to pass the EPPP has been consolidated into a single volume.

Our email feedback consultants will help you tailor PsychPrep’s EPPP program to fit your unique circumstances and individual progress. Your consultant will let you know when you are ready to test and pass. 

Learn more about the PsychPrep advantage! Check out our free offers.

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Still not sure? Check out our free EPPP and CPLEE options.


Save time & effort. Get results. Learn more about our proven test-taking strategies.

Expert feedback

Take the guesswork out of your EPPP preparation and readiness to test with PsychPrep's personalized email support.


Contact us Monday-Friday from 9-5 Pacific Time

(12-8 Eastern Time)

PsychPrep's Story

“Our vision is for you to learn efficiently, study efficiently, and pass efficiently.”

– Dr. Sharon Jablon, PsychPrep’s founder


Dr. Sharon Jablon founded PsychPrep in the late 1980s while working with licensure candidates who were struggling to pass the EPPP. In small group sessions, she uncovered the key factors impeding their success and created an innovative study method focused on test-taking strategies. Based on these proven principles, Dr. Jablon developed PsychPrep’s clear and concise study program for the EPPP, and then later for the CPLEE.


PsychPrep’s EPPP and CPLEE programs bring success to both first-time test-takers and those who have failed previously. We are grateful to have helped over 12,000 psychologists pass their licensure exams with less stress and more confidence. Our team continually refines our packages to make the study process more streamlined and approachable for all learners.


Our vision is for you to learn efficiently, study efficiently, and pass efficiently. At PsychPrep, we provide the tools, structure, feedback, expertise, and encouragement to keep you on track and to ensure your success. 


We hope that PsychPrep will be a part of your journey as you prepare to pass the EPPP or CPLEE. 


Hear what PsychPrep program participants are saying.


Sharon Jablon, Ph.D.

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