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Content knowledge is essential for the CPLEE, but it's not enough! Psychprep will teach you the critical thinking skills you need to pass with confidence.

Learn about PsychPrep’s four strategies for CPLEE success!

Develop Test-Taking Skills

Use PsychPrep’s core CPLEE test-taking steps to answer each test question.

  1. What is the question telling you?

  2. What is the question asking you?

  3. Come up with a job interview answer.

  4. Clearly state why each choice is correct or incorrect.


Master Content

PsychPrep’s single-volume study approach to the CPLEE provides you with a thorough review of Legal and Ethical Standards. Our workshop audio mp3s enrich your understanding of key concepts.


Study Effectively

On your PsychPrep account, you will find a clear and structured study schedule. We recommend 10 - 15 hours of studying each week over the course of a month. If you plan to test within a shorter or longer timeframe, the study schedule can be easily modified.

Track Your Progress

PsychPrep provides clear guidelines for expected progress on our CPLEE online testing program including specific test score cutoffs that correlate highly with CPLEE success. Do you have concerns about your progress? Contact us at

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