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The Board of Psychology (BOP) requires that all psychologists seeking licensure in California pass the CPLEE.


PsychPrep's CPLEE Program

Follow our structured CPLEE program. Study for about

10 – 15 hours a week for four weeks, and pass! The program is easily modifiable for a shorter or longer study timeframe. See what's included below.

Study Materials

PSYCHPREP’s digital CPLEE study materials are comprehensive yet concise. Our single volume summarizes the “California Board of Psychology Laws and Regulations” as well as APA’s “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.”

Online Testing Program

PsychPrep’s CPLEE Program

includes 310 unique questions.

  • Pretest (15 questions)

  • Workshop (75 questions)

  • CPLEE Legal & Ethical Test 1 (100 questions)

  • CPLEE Legal & Ethical Test 2 (100 questions)

  • Bonus Questions

       (20 questions)


Home Study

PsychPrep’s CPLEE workshop home study focuses on boosting test-taking skills while deepening content knowledge. The home study includes an audio mp3 recording of a previous live workshop as Dr. Jablon covers 75 challenging questions, as well as an easy-to-follow PowerPoint handout.

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One-Month Subscription

After the first month, each month renews for $99


Three-Month Subscription

After three months, each month renews for $75

Questions about how PsychPrep's subscription works? Learn more!

Still Unsure?

Try 15 CPLEE sample questions for free!

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