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Take the guesswork out of your licensure preparation and readiness to test

Available to students who purchase the Basic Package, Basic Package Plus, or Premium Package


Achieve higher scores on  PsychPrep's tests and

the EPPP

PsychPrep's email feedback program supports students through a one-on-one relationship with their assigned consultant. 

Participants have identified confidence, accountability, and structure as the most significant benefits of participating in email feedback.

Signing up is quick and easy! Complete Practice Test A and email your score to start receiving feedback.

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"I passed!! The test feedback from my consultant was the single most helpful component. When taking the EPPP I had no internal sense of how well or poorly I was doing. What I did have was confidence and trust in PsychPrep and my consultant’s evaluation of my readiness and prediction of a passing score. As I was taking the EPPP, when I felt like I was surely failing and had studied for the wrong test, I reminded myself of what my consultant said—that I was ready and would pass. All the content knowledge and test-taking skills in the world would not have been useful if I was too anxious or discouraged to use them."

Lindsay M., Rapid City, SD

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