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How does PsychPrep’s subscription work?

Your PsychPrep subscription does not begin upon purchase. Rather, it starts once you log into your online account at and click on any of the online content. Your subscription expires three months after you click on any content, regardless of how much time you have spent on your online account. If you know you will not be able to access your account for an extended period, please email the office at and we can freeze your subscription.


The CPLEE program is set to automatically renew once the subscription expires. Automatic renewal can be canceled at any time. To do so, log into your account at, find your name in the top right corner, click ‘my account’, click the ‘subscription’ tab, then click the red ‘cancel auto-renew’ button.


Important Note: Renewal of your PsychPrep package must occur within 30 days of subscription expiration to be eligible for the discounted renewal rate.


PsychPrep’s online access is authorized for the registered user only; access is non-transferable.

If you have passed (regardless of time since purchase) your subscription with PsychPrep will be terminated.


PsychPrep’s subscription is purposefully designed for you to take each test and quiz three times—once in study mode, once in retake mode, and once in test mode—to ensure you are truly mastering the content versus memorizing the questions. Our tests are not set to be taken an unlimited number of times. If targets are not met, additional access can be requested by emailing us at

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